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There are some basic and natural differences between female and male bodies. Hence, there should be some differences in the exercises for both sex. All though there are highly qualified and friendly male trainers who can help you in your sessions, but you may not feel confident and comfortable with them. The fact is a female trainer can understand better what a female body need or how will it reacts to a particular type of exercise. Hence, she can help you in the best possible manner during your sessions.

Most of the times, women are afraid of maintaining their gym regime after pregnancy. Pregnancy brings so many changes in your body which affects the shape of your body. You feel hard to face yourself in that current shape after childbirth; hence feeling uncomfortable in front of others is also natural.

In such situation, it is better to hire a female personal trainer to get back into your desired shape. A female personal trainer can relate with your condition and mental states. You feel highly comfortably while working out under their supervision. This will bring an excellent result out of your exercise routine.

There can be postures that will make you feel uncomfortable in front of male instructors. Having a female instructor will save you from such embarrassment and you feel easy and confident.

Chloe is a fitness and lifestyle coach, she has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry with a long background in group fitness and Pilates. More recently she loves working one to one with women to help them to not only move better, but to feel better, think more positively and have more energy on a daily basis.

She is all about creating a bespoke solution to women specific health and fitness goals. Being a mum,  a female and an entrepreneur she knows all about juggling time and the sometimes craziness of  female hormones and is empathetic and encouraging to women and their individual needs. She does a great job to help  to make people realise that exercise and nutrition are essential for living a happy and healthy life,

She has been following her own advice for a few years now and really does walk her talk. Her philosophy includes looking at not only goals, but hydration, nutrition, sleep, stress and movement.

Her favourite mantra is ‘ progress and not perfection !

So, if you are a female who is fed up of not feeling her best and are ready to start with those first steps to change get in touch today 

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Reasons to keep exercising-
*It is highly helpful for boosting your immune system
*Can reduce your stress level to a great extent
*Can provide you with excellent social support.

So let’s keep calm, keep healthy and keep active!